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Five deliciously nutty recipes you have to try

It’s no secret that a handful of nuts can help to increase your energy, keep your skin glowing and help you smash those fitness goals. That’s why our scrumptious energy balls are filled with them. But did you know there are tons of sweet and savoury dishes you can add nuts to?

Go Nutz energy ball with ingredients

From Moroccan cuisine to authentic Indian dishes, it seems the culinary world is as captivated with nuts as we are. So if you ever get fed up with our energy balls (although, let’s be honest - why would you?) here are some ways you can use nuts to add wow factor to your recipes.

Sauteed courgette with mint and basil

Too tasty to scoff as just a side dish, we love this take on the classic courgette with its fragrant mix of basil and mint. And if that’s got you hankering for an extra portion of the good stuff, take a look at these mouth-watering, nut-inspired roasted cauliflower and broccoli recipes. Yum.

No bake breakfast bars

These super-sweet and scrumptious bars need a place in your recipe rotation. Inspired by the ‘raw food’ trend, they combine nuts, seeds and fruit for a tasty snack that’s perfect for brekkie. We love them because you can add any ingredients you like to create a different twist every time. Our tip? Swap honey for agave syrup to keep it vegan.

Roasted red pepper pasta (vegan)

There’s nothing better than a hearty bowl of piping-hot pasta at the end of a long day. If you’re after a pasta dish that’s delicious and nutritious this roasted red pepper number is just the ticket. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without loads of pine nuts for extra crunch.

Honey mustard roasted nuts

First and foremost, nuts will always be the ultimate snack food, which is why we love this healthy twist on the classic pub snack. Ideal for salad toppings, a luxurious antipasti board or lunch on-the-go, you can’t ever go wrong with honey mustard roasted nuts.

Cashew nut curry with halloumi and broccoli

Curry, halloumi and cashews in one delicious dish? Yes please. This recipe blends the nation’s favourite squeaky, salty cheese into a creamy sauce for a midweek supper that will have you hot-footing it home for seconds (and maybe thirds).

How nuts do things get in your kitchen?

If you’re a whizz with walnuts or awesome with almonds, we want to hear from you. Send us your recipe snaps on Instagram (extra points if they’re veggie, vegan or gluten free) and we’ll share them with our fantastic community of mindful eaters.

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