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Hearty vegan recipes for the festive season

Hearty vegan recipies for the festive season

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year and there’s nothing like a wholesome, home cooked meal to bring everyone together. Moreish mince pies, warming stews and mum’s famous extra-crispy roasties - everyone has their favourite festive treat.

But for vegetarians and vegans, winter get-togethers can end up falling a little flat if there isn’t a tasty option for them. If you’re doing the cooking on the big day or just fancy trying something new, we’ve put together our pick of scrumptious vegan dishes that are guaranteed to impress.

Aprons at the ready - this is how you do a vegan feast right.

The vegan wreath

When you’re hosting a dinner party, it’s essential to have that wow-factor dish that’ll sit in the centre of the table with pride. Well, that’s exactly what this pastry wreath is.

Filled with pine nuts, spinach and cranberries, this super-sized snack is rich in flavour and will have your vegan guests coming back for more. And for the snack-sized party version? Take a look at these mushroom rolls.

The satisfying pie

From the crisp pastry to the creamy sauce, nothing says comfort like a home cooked pie. We love this recipe for a 100% vegan creamy leek pie with it’s awesome mix of celeriac, walnuts and veggies. Who says you can’t be nutritious and delicious?

The super-spicy brussel sprouts

When you’re vegan, packing your plate with the veg you can actually eat becomes something of a signature move. So make sure your sides are scintillating. We rate these chilli coated brussel sprouts because they give a much needed kick to the classic dish. Pair with these maple syrup roasted carrots for the ultimate satisfaction.

The ultimate vegan gravy

A vegan gravy that’s as good as the real thing is hard to find. We googled high and low to find the highest rated recipe out there and came up trumps with this Jamie classic. Thank us later.

The christmas pudding-flavoured ice cream

Yes, you heard us correctly. Cake. Flavoured. Ice cream. Featuring the ultra-festive flavours of cinnamon, dark cherry and orange, this is the pudding to end all puddings. And it’s totally vegan too. Nice.

The naughty midnight snack

Hours after that delicious dinner, we all get the craving for something sweet. We recommend these awesomely chocolatey snack bars because it’s a fuss-free, no bake recipe. Perfect for pesky fridge raiders everywhere. Serve with a side of vegan eggnog - and don’t forget to leave one out for Santa.

The ‘morning after’ breakfast

If you’ve had a few tipples the night before, a satisfying breakfast will cure what ails you. To whip up these yummy banana fritters all you need is a few simple ingredients. And if you’re feeling extra naughty, just add your favourite vegan ice cream and call it ‘brunch’.

A very vegan celebration

A very vegan celebration - share your pictures

Festive cooking is one of life’s simple pleasures and we hope you’re inspired to cook up the storm for the vegans in your life. If you try out any of these recipes, we’d love to see your snaps

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