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The best snacks to eat when you're working out

All about that #GymLife? Is winning a triathlon your idea of #LifeGoals? We hear you. At Go Nutz, we’re huge advocates for keeping things healthy. So inspired by our new partnership with Muscle Food, we’re revealing the snacks that are going to help you reach your fitness goals.

Avocado on toast


More than just a millennial trend, this dynamic duo is the perfect way to rebuild those muscles after a strenuous workout.

The carbs from the toast will help to replenish your glycogen stores - the ‘fuel’ that keeps your body pumping out energy during physical activity. And if you opt for wholemeal toast you can add a cheeky extra dash of fibre to your diet too.

As for the avocado, it’s packed with good fats (rather than pesky saturated fats) which help to keep your heart healthy. It’s also rich in essential vitamins B, C, D and K. Wowsers.

Hummus and crackers

Hummus and crackers

Packed with all sorts of awesome vitamins, hummus is the deliciously addictive dip that keeps on giving. It’s low in fat and sugar and high in protein, making it the perfect snack if you’re living an active lifestyle. Basically, if you’re looking to keep your heart, blood sugar and muscles healthy a few spoonfuls of hummus could be just the ticket.

Wondering what to pair with your hummus-y goodness? Trusty old crackers are a lighter source of carbs. Or go colourful with juicy peppers, carrots and cucumber to help you stay hydrated.

Premium energy balls

Premium energy balls by Go-Nutz

The snack that’s taking over Instagram, energy balls are touted to be the easiest way to top up your protein levels on the go. But many store-bought varieties are bulked up with chalky oats and added sugar - and there isn’t always time to get cracking in the kitchen to make your own.

To truly enjoy the health benefits of energy balls, make sure you’re snacking on the real deal and go premium. Our energy balls, for example, contain only the highest quality fruit and nuts for maximum nutrition - even your grandma will be able to recognise all the ingredients.

Peanut butter and apple slices

Peanut butter and Apple slices

Feelin fruity? This easy-prep snack is a firm favourite at Go Nutz HQ. Combining the almighty protein powers of peanut butter with the powerful antioxidants found in the humble apple, this really is the ultimate workout snack. Delish.

Got a healthy recipe you’re buzzing to share?

Our mission is to create an online community of wellbeing enthusiasts, passionate about mindful eating. So if you’re working on a vegan recipe or whip up the best protein shakes, get in touch with us on social media and we’ll share your tips with the world.

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