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The Go Nutz guide to meal prepping

When embarking on your wellness journey, the best way to start is simply… just to start. The first day may feel difficult, but you’ll begin to feel stronger, healthier and more empowered than ever. So what’s the best way to keep healthy habits on track if you slip up or overindulge? Preparation.

Inspired by our partnership with Muscle Food, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to meal prepping so you can start your wellness journey with boundless knowledge and oodles of confidence. Sound good? Then keep reading.

What is meal prepping?

In short, it’s the exact opposite of faddy diets and lose weight quick schemes. Meal prepping ensures you have more than enough of the right foods to eat every day. Essentially, it means preparing healthy meals in advance (a bit like homemade ready meals) so you’ll always be reaching for the good stuff when you’re hungry.

Keep it consistent

We’ve all met the office diet guru. Once week they’re doing juicing and yoga, the next it’s ‘no carbs before marbs’. The problem with these quick-fix health kicks is that it’s easy to lose your gusto because you’re trying too many things in a short space of time.

Meal prepping is different because it’s all about making small, healthy choices over time to encourage lasting results. So if you’re just starting your meal prep journey, keep in mind that that slow and steady always wins the race.

To start with - play it safe

Once you’ve ordered some tupperware (low-priced boxes like this are great!), it’s time to get cracking in the kitchen. At times like this, it’s tempting to experiment with loads of new dishes and flavours, but you may end up feeling overwhelmed (and unfulfilled if your recipe doesn’t quite go to plan).

Instead of setting off the smoke alarm, we recommend building your confidence with three or four healthy dishes you’ve practiced a few times. When you’ve mastered recipes you know, you’ll feel more comfortable exploring new ingredients and combinations. Boom.

Planning, planning, planning

When you start something new, it’s better to have a plan in place than launching right in. Meal prepping is no different. From investing in a slow cooker to clearing out space in the freezer, there’s loads of practical ways to ensure meal prep success.

Not sure where to begin? Nab yourself a calendar and fill in your weekly schedule. That morning when you drop the little ones off late? The evening you don’t head to book club? Those are the times when you can meal prep in peace. Ideally to keep things fresh, you need two slots a week in which to do you prep. But meal prep is designed to be flexible, so work with the time you have.

And don’t forget that variety is the spice of life. Get the most out of your kitchen time by cooking three types of vegetables at once and adding three types of spice to your chicken or fish. If you keep changing things up, you’ll stay inspired and keep on track. Easy.

Fancy yourself a pro-prepper?

We’d love to share your meal-prep pics with our Instagram followers, so give us a tag and we’ll share your recipe with our community of mindful eaters.

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