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The ultimate guide to Hygge

As the evenings get longer and colder, nothing beats grabbing your slippers and a cuppa, lighting a few candles and cosying up under a knitted blanket. But did you know there’s a word especially for that feeling of warmth and contentment felt only at this time of year?

For the last couple of years, ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hoo-gah), has taken over the nation and fuelled our obsession for all things Scandinavian. But what exactly is it? And why do we need to enjoy more of it as we approach the festive season? Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide so you can find out.

Hygge in a nutshell

Essentially, Hygge is a Danish concept that can’t be translated into one word. Generally, it sums up a feeling off wellness, contentment and warmth you get from enjoying the simple things in life.

So if you’ve ever enjoyed a hot cup of cocoa on a rainy day, baked cookies when it’s cold outside or lit your favourite incense stick on a snowy evening - you’ve experienced Hygge without even knowing it. Fancy that.

How Hygge can help you?


While the festive season can conjure up lovely images of twinkly lights and homemade soup, darker evenings and dreary weather can cause our moods to dip. Hygge exists to build us up by nourishing our body and mind. It’s a friendly seasonal reminder to slow down, recharge and hunker down in our safe space - home.

It’s no surprise that it’s mainly practised in colder countries such as Norway and Denmark. There, Hygge is used to ward off negative feelings and practise some much-needed self-care in an often hectic world.

Practising Hygge in your home

Making time for Hygge doesn’t call for anything fancy. If it’s rustic, homemade or comfy - it’s Hygge. Appropriate activities include baking, reading, knitting, writing and sitting by the fireplace. In fact, the simpler the better - stock up on some organic candles, hit the charity shops for some gripping reads and grab those thick blankets from the loft. Bliss.

The most important aspect of Hygge? Eating comforting, nourishing food. Whether it’s a get-together with friends or simply taking time to enjoy a home cooked meal, it’s important to include feel-good dishes in your Hygge routine. Need some tips to get started? Take a look at our guide on Mindful Eating.

How do you Hygge?

Busy prepping hearty pies and toasty cinnamon buns? Knitting cosy scarves for loved ones? However you Hygge, we’d love to see your awesome snaps. Tag us on Instagram and we’ll give them a share.


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