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What exactly is an energy ball?

From raw food bars and avocado toast to protein shakes and buddha bowls, the planet is currently experiencing a healthy food phenomenon. But there’s one little round snack in particular that’s captured everyone’s imagination: the #EnergyBall.

The Go-Nutz energy ball

With over 100,000 posts on Instagram and even a feature on Good Morning America, it’s clear that this is a food fad that even the fussiest eater can get behind. But what’s the reason behind this global obsession? And what exactly is an energy ball? Never fear, we’ve prepped this handy guide so you can find out.

Nutritious and delicious

Essentially, an energy ball is a nutrition booster. Typically packed with all sorts of super foods, they’re an easy way to enjoy goodness on the go.

An energy ball is made by mixing nuts, seeds and fruit together - and they come in a variety of shapes, colours and flavours. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a more adventurous appetite for something spicy, there’s sure to be an energy ball to suit you. Yum.

Go Nutz energy ball box with tea

But it’s important to remember that even though they’re super-nutritious, an energy ball is a snack and shouldn’t replace a meal. Instead, enjoy one with your green tea in the morning or as a mid-afternoon pick me up. Feeling creative? Crumble one into your porridge or add it to an acai bowl for an extra hit of health.

Like anything delicious, too much of a good thing stops being a good thing. Energy balls work best when they’re part of a wholesome, varied diet. And we know it’s hard… but try not to eat too many in one day.

The perfect snack for active individuals

Because they’re high in protein and fibre, energy balls are the ideal addition to your healthy lifestyle. In fact, most of the ingredients in energy balls contribute to building lean muscle mass and improving energy levels. Nice.

So if you’re looking to beat your personal best at the gym or stay up a little later to finish that work presentation (we won’t tell), an energy ball might just be your new best friend.

Finding the right energy balls for you

Most of the ingredients you need to make energy balls are easy to find, so there’s no reason why you can’t whip up your own batch. But when we’re feeling frazzled after a hectic day, sometimes the last thing on our minds is meal prepping.

There are pre-packaged energy ball options available from supermarkets and health food stores, but like with any mass-produced snack it’s vital to check the label. Often, store-bought energy balls can be packed with chalky oats, cheap ingredients, additives and added sugar. Yuck.

And if you’re vegan or gluten free, finding the perfect energy ball can be an even bigger minefield. So how can you ensure your energy ball is a healthy one?

Why Go Nutz is different

Don’t suffer in your search for the perfect energy ball, come straight to us. We only use natural, premium, vegan ingredients - in fact you might say we’re all killer and no filler. Plus, there’s nothing on the ingredient list that your grandma wouldn’t recognise. Now how’s that for wholesome?

Why Go-Nutz is different

Join the party and #GoNutz

Ordering with us is easy-peasy, simply choose your flavours and we’ll deliver a box of balls straight to your front door. Oh and once you’ve had a nibble, don’t forget to share a snap with us on Instagram - we love seeing your awesome photos.

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