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Have a question? Heres a list of our frequently asked questions

Question: How does the subscription work?

Its very simple, choose the flavour you want and select the 'Subscribe and Save' button. Then click on 'Complete Subscription' and fill out your details, how frequently you want the box and your payment details. Thats it ! 

You will enjoy a big discount on your first box and ongoing discounts on each box thereon. You can set up a frequency that you like between 1/2/3 Weeks/Months but dont worry, if you set something up and want to change it later on, you can sign in to your account and change it. 

Now sit back and relax. When its time to dispatch your next box, we will let you know and your favourite snacks will just come through the door regularly. 

Question : I am not sure what frequency I should choose for the subscription. 


Our customers most commonly choose a box every 2 weeks but this really depends on how frequently you snack, and where you snack. Choose a frequency that best suits your budget and if you need to change it later thats not a problem at all. 

Question: How can I pay for my subscription or my order/when does my card get charged?


We accept major debit cards and credit card like VISA, Mastercard, Amex credit cards. You can also use your Paypal account, Google pay, Apple pay, Shopify Pay to pay for your order.

The first payment is charged when you complete the order. For all remaining orders, the card is charged just before we dispatch the box to you. The dates can vary depending on when you have set up the subscription and whether there are bank holidays or weekends when payments are not charged. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please fill the 'Complete Subscription' section before choosing Apple pay or Google pay. If you click on Apple Pay before filling your subscription details, the website assumes you want to order a one-off box and will therefore charge you for one box only.

Question: Once I have set up my subscription, can I change/ manage my subscription?


Yes absolutely ! Once you have completed your subscription order, you will receive an email to activate your account, where you can set up your password. This will allow you to sign in to your account with Go Nutz!! Once you have logged in, click on the 'Manage Subscription' button. It will give you all details of past and current orders, allow you to swap flavours, change, pause or cancel your subscription.

Question: Can I change the frequency of my order?

Yes, once you activate your account us you can so these changes in your account where you can either switch to 1/2/3 weekly or monthly subscriptions. 

Question: Can I swap to another flavour after my subscription has been started? 


Answer: Yes, You can, this can be done by logging into your account. GO To - MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS> VIEW DETAILS >PRODUCTS IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION > SWAP PRODUCT.

Question: How would I contact you in case my box is not delivered?

Answer: We make every effort that your healthy nutritious go-Nutz box will reach you on time. In case if you have not received your box on time. You can either message us through Message us option on our website home page or email us on or call us on 07889664549 we are open 9.00 am –  7.00pm Monday to Friday. 

Question: I am a new customer and I have a enquiry to make?


Please email your queries on We aim to answer your queries with 24 hours.

Question How can I inform about my change in address?

 Please log in your account and change your address in your Go Nutz!! account.

Question: What is your shipping policy?


All orders are dispatched as soon as possible by 1st or 2nd class Royal Mail delivery. We aim to dispatch your order as soon as possible.

Question : I tried to pay online but I can not see apple pay or Google pay option?

You will only see this option if you have apple pay or google pay configured on your laptop or your mobile.

Question: Does the taxes are extra on Subscription charge? 


Yes we do charge VAT 20% (tax) on the top of our subscription charges. It will shown as TAXES in your invoice.


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