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Our Story

We simply love Healthy Eating! 

The Go Nutz!! recipe finds its origin in our family kitchen from many generations ago, knowledge about healthy eating and whole foods handed down to us from our grandparents, focussing on macro as well as micro nutrients.  

We are a team of passionate people who decided to push our boundaries, giving up comfortable corporate jobs to create an enterprise through entrepreneurship. We join our skills together to create a world of opportunities for those who work with us. However its our customers that we live and breathe for, without you we would be just another company. Your support keeps us going and encourages us to innovate and put back taste and nutrition into something that you can truly enjoy. 


We originally created these energy balls as a nutrition booster for our kids the same way as our Grandma made for us. It soon struck us that this product could be a great alternative for the commonly available snacks which many a times, are made with non-premium ingredients and chemically isolated components and

Go Nutz!! was born. 

Starting from our humble kitchen, we are now listed with various online retailers have a great customer base, glowing reviews and most of all .. a good nights sleep. 

We are proud to announce that recently, we have been selected by NatWest Bank in their Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme that helps startups to grow and scale.

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